Redwood Rainbows Square Dance Club

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Redwood Rainbows
is a fun, friendly, and inclusive
Sonoma County square dance club

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Learn how to Square Dance! New Class ~ February 1, 2016

Modern Western Square Dancing is an activity that grew out of traditional western square dancing beginning around the mid 20th century.  Dancers form themselves into squares, with 8 dancers in a square and couples at each side of the square.  Dancing is directed by the caller, who calls sequences of calls that form a choreography that is danced spontaneously, as... read more

Challenge in the Wine Country with Sandie Bryant
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Redwood Rainbows offers three Challenge-level events every August:

  • Latch on C3A, with Vic Ceder
  • Catch C2, with Sandie Bryant
  • Make C1 Magic, with Sandie Bryant

For more information, download our flyer or visit our website.

Weave the Spring, with caller Anne Uebelacker, on March 5, 2016
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Join us for an incredible day of Challenge, Advanced, Plus and Mainstream dancing with Anne Uebelacker on March 5, 2016.  There will be three sessions:  Morning C2 and C1, afternoon, C1 and A2, and an evening dance with Mainstream, Plus and A2.  For more information, download the flyer.



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